Hidden Meadows Estates Covenants

The following is a short review of some of the Covenants for the Hidden Meadow Property Owners Association, Inc.

Included is the most often asked questions regarding covenants for a Property Association, but a complete copy of the Covenants can be received by calling Gary Miller at (563) 543-8108.

Structural Restrictions:

  • No dwelling units above 2 stories are permitted.

  • All dwelling units must have full basements.

  • Square footage requirements are as follows:
    • Single Story minimum—2500 ft.
    • One & one half Story—2500 ft.
    • Two Story—2600 ft.
  • All Dwelling Units must include:
    • A minimum of a two car attached garage
    • Minimum roof Steepness of 7/12
    • No siding on the front or two side facades
      *unless approved by the developer

Other Restrictions:

  • No temporary Structures (Such as mobile homes, trailers, Rv's, tents, etc.) Note: For those homeowners who have items such as boats and RV's, which will not fit, into their own garage, storage is available at nearby farm buildings.

  • No above ground swimming pools will be allowed.

  • No animals other than inoffensive common domestic household pets, such as dogs and cats will be allowed.

  • No above surface fences shall be erected without the approval of the developer.

It is the objective of the developer through these covenants to provide for the preservation of the real property values, to assure that the aesthetic qualities of the properties are maintained, that any improvements or changes in the properties be of good and attractive design and in harmony with the natural beauty of the area and to assure that the improvements and workmanship are of high quality.

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