It seems just like yesterday that I was a kid and working with my Dad, Delbert Miller in the 60's. But it was not overnight that I learned and accumulated the knowledge that I have today, to build superior homes. I started out working under carpenters and craftsmen 20 to 40 years my seniors. They were my teachers and mentors. From the knowledge they handed down to me, I have built upon 4 more decades of perfecting our craft. There truly is no replacement for the knowledge and experience I've gained over 40 plus years. The following few pages represent the work I've done through the 70's, 80's and 90's with most of the site then being devoted to recent work done by Gary Miller Construction.

Many of the suppliers and subcontractors that have helped us maintain the highest quality of building are listed on this web site. Without them it would be impossible to maintain that level of quality as I believe they are the best, and I whish to thank them at this time.

Most importantly: I wish to thank those who were patient enough with me, throughout the years, and have passed their knowledge and advice down to me, especially my Dad who still offers advice.

I feel lucky and very appreciative to those who have employed me to work for them on their homes. It has been an honor, you have entrusted in me and my employees.


Gary Miller is a licensed real estate agent in Florida.